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Video enables businesses to create a memorable impression of their brand or services in less than 60 seconds while simultaneously improving their visibility in the search engine rankings and on the social media networks.

Video is becoming a critical medium for consuming information online. It has the potential to convey complex messages and concepts in a manner more easily understand and consumed by the human brain.

There are numerous benefits of using video to promote brands, services, and products.

People love to watch videos so let's get creative

Recent advances in broadband speeds and internet technologies have made it possible for people to watch high-quality videos wherever they are, whenever they want.

Nowadays, consumers are four times likely to watch a video about a company or product than read about it. Why? Video is easier and faster to process.

Videos will increase search engine visibility. All the search engines now consider videos as highly valuable content as they understand that is what their users want.

Video services for local brands

Embedding a video on a company website will help it rank better on Google’s search listings.

The added visibility can help with video view counts video shares, and increased duration times on web pages.

Why stop there, consider uploading videos to blogs, social media, video channels, and even marketing emails.

Video marketing services for YouTube, Google and social media networks

YouTube is the second largest search engine online. So it’s a good idea to upload videos here.

What do people commonly search for YouTube? Apart from celebrities and influencers channels, people search it for educational and how-to videos.

That’s not to say you cannot use to promote anything about your business.

Your target audience is more receptive to videos

In 2020 prefer video content. So how do you get your video viewed by your target audience?

Do you need to create a storyline and provide actors? Possibly when trying to build brand awareness.

Maybe it’s merely an explainer video about a product or service. Identifying problems and providing solutions in a direct and easy to consume manner can attract attention. Over 95% of people have watched an explainer video online.

Viral marketing for brands and services on social media channels

People love videos, and they are ideal for posting on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin. Videos and images dominate most people’s videos feeds. People are most likely to share videos.

Produce videos worthy of sharing on social media. So if you can create a funny or engaging video, the odds are people will share it with their friends. Alternatively, consider repurposing or sharing videos from elsewhere online.

If customers like your content and share it, you gain more exposure online.

Get creative.

Smartphone users prefer video content marketing

People are obsessed with their smartphones and tablets. They love being connected to word online. Around 1/3 of mobile users watch 1 hour of video a day using their devices.

Short, compelling videos providing value or entertainment are perfect for people to watch during their break times.

Videos are ideal for promoting products and services. They are perfect for illustrating how a product or service works in less than 60 seconds.

They are easy for the brain to process and make an ideal fit for e-commerce and selling services online.

Video has an immediate impact, allowing instant engagement with target audiences and delivering a message in less than a minute.

Video can bring a product to life. Customers can relate to original content with good demonstrations or storylines and engaging visuals.

Video marketing campaigns can produce high returns on investment

Videos can be used to build a brand. The visual element of videos can make an impression on customers. It helps them recognise your brand and makes it easier for them to engage with you.

Over 50% of business owners believe video provides the best return on investment. Websites that use video tend to convert higher than those that don’t.

Videos can increase buyer conversion rates. Typically e-commerce products that have video ads sell better.

Well produced videos will always provide a good return on investment. Stand out and be memorable.

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