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“Don’t Build Links. Build Relationships.” Rand Fishkin

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google with short term tactics. Partner with Google and the other search engines to provide the best search results for users and achieve longer term success.

WEbsite optimization techniques to improve rankings and visibility

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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” 
Wendy Piersall

Every day there are over 3 billion searches on Google, and around 50% of these are searches for local businesses.

Over 300,000 live in Newcastle upon Tyne, and a further 518,000 in the surrounding districts, enough to fill St James Park football stadium over 15 times!

SEO is one of the best ways to help any company in Newcastle stand out from the crowd and get found online, no matter what they do or their size.

We provide comprehensive SEO services in Newcastle for businesses in Tyne & Wear.

Our digital services provide clients with search optimisation and marketing campaigns that enhance online visibility, improve rankings, increase organic traffic and boost customer conversions.

Transform your Search Engine Rankings and grow your business online with Search Click Digital.



Our Newcastle SEO agency services can help your company stand out from the crowd

More and more businesses are competing to establish a strong online presence and attract their ideal targeted customer base.

Without specialist knowledge in search optimisation, it is unlikely that a website will rank on page one of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for Google and Bing.

Even large, well-established companies founded in Newcastle, such as Greggs the baker and Sage, the accountancy software provider, understand the importance of organic SEO.

Businesses that do not rank on the first page of the search engines are effectively invisible to their target audience of potential customers.

Optimising a website to rank higher in the free organic listings will result in greater brand visibility, an increase in traffic and more customer conversions.

What are the benefits of website optimisation and SEO services for companies in Newcastle

When a site is optimised with Newcastle SEO services, the online business will probably rank on page 1 of Google and exhibit the following improvements;

  • Better User Experience

  • Increased Reach

  • More Customer Conversions

  • Prominent Brand Visibility

  • Reputation Management

We provide custom SEO and website optimization strategies for companies in Newcastle & Tyneside

Good user experience

Providing an all-round good experience to both site visitors and the search engines ensures a site has a better chance of ranking higher in the longer term.

Important elements include responsive mobile friendly and fast-loading website with well-presented informative content, simple navigation and prominent call-to-action icons.


Increasing the potential reach online

If a site is ranked on page 1 for multiple search terms, it is likely that more visitors will come to the site for information and potentially businesses services or goods offered online. 

Keyword discovery analysis will enable a website to be optimised and rank for all the relevant keyword phrases associated with the business.

Once keyword optimisation has been implemented, pages on the site will rank higher in the search engines and provide more exposure for the company.


Improving customer conversions

Once a website ranks in the top five spots of page one, traffic and visitor counts will increase. Better rankings lead to more sales directly from the site or indirectly from company offices or stores.

Getting visitors on to the site is half of the battle won. The next step involves optimising the pages to drive customer conversions and provide a return on investment.

Greater exposure for the company brand

The more times a company appears prominently in the search results, the more traffic and brand awareness will increase.

Brand and Reputation Management

SEO allows any company to positively impact their reputation management and how their brand is perceived online. Authority and trust are critical for the success of any business online.

Nobody likes a company that provides a poor service and has negative reviews online.

Improve page load times

Bespoke Newcastle SEO Agency Services to Give Your Company Success in the Search Engines

Our founder & SEO consultant Martin James has lived in Newcastle upon Tyne for most of his life and is passionate about helping local businesses succeed.

Our suite of promotional services comprise on-page optimisation, technical SEO, content marketing & link acquisition, local SEO for the North East, reputation management, social media marketing, and paid online advertising (PPC). They are designed to get your site the attention and it deserves.

What are our SEO processes?

Assessing the opportunity with keyword discovery

Our search optimisation experts will evaluate the potential reach of a website for a specific business with in-depth keyword research. We will identify the commercial and informational keyword phrases prospective customers search for online.

These phrases comprise a mix of keywords covering various steps in the sales process, from top-level generic searches that answer queries and promote interest to specific searches looking to purchase business services and products online.

For local SEO, we incorporate geographical modifiers into the keyword phrases to enhance the local relevance for your target audience, whether for a restaurant in Jesmond, a florist in Gosforth High Street, or an estate agent on Chillingham Road in Heaton.

Improving the website with on-page optimisation and technical seo to rank in Newcastle

After the discovery phase, our team will analyse your site and resolve any on-site problems that may be stopping the search engines from crawling your site and preventing any potential growth and visibility in the search engine results.

These health checks primarily incorporate updates to the Html code, headings and tags, site maps, page load speeds and the inclusion of schemas.

Analytics and testing

Building the foundation links

All websites need foundation links from a range of sources that give the business entity validation in the eyes of the search engines. Link building and link outreach is one of the pillars of search engine optimisation.

These include generic online directories, such as Yelp, niche-specific business directories, social media profiles like LinkedIn or Facebook and social bookmarking sites.

Content Marketing Strategy and Link Building

This is a must for any business online. The search engines love fresh content.

This can be done on the website, or associated blog, either by us or directly by the business.

Consideration is also be given to guest posts, syndication of content on other sites and directories to promote the awareness of any business.

Link outreach and acquisition of backlinks from other sites can provide a powerful ranking signal when undertaken as part of an seo campaign

Social Media Marketing

When positive social SEO signals start coming from platforms like YouTube and Facebook, they make the business more trustworthy, enhancing the authority and reputation of the company online.

Performance tracking and traffic analysis

Without paid promotions, no traffic will appear until the web pages rank higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We track the pages as they rise higher through the top 100 rankings for the targeted keywords the site was optimised for.

Once they rank, our SEO team will analyse the website traffic and conversion rates in the search console to target elements we can refine and improve to provide a higher ROI.

Local SEO agency services for Newcastle and Tyneside

Around 50% of all searches are for local companies. Search Click Digital can provide highly targetted local marketing in Tyneside to drive your business forward.

We use local ranking techniques for greater online visibility in the free organic search engine results pages (SERPs) to increase traffic and conversions for your business online, whether it si a new website or an existing website.

Local SEO benefits all local types of businesses in the north east; whether you are a florist on Gosforth High Street, a restaurant on the Quayside, plumbers merchant in Heaton or a car dealership on Scotswood Road.

We use Local SEO best practices to improve the search ranking results for websites and provide optimisation services for Google Business Profile.

Why invest in Search Engine Optimisation Services from an SEO Company?

Our website and search optimisation services will boost online visibility in the search results for the target keywords required to promote your products and services. How did you find us? Were you searching for SEO agency services in Newcastle on Google or Bing?

If you promote services online or need to sell products on the internet you need to ensure you have the best exposure in the Google rankings, preferably at the top of page 1 of the search results. SEO services solve this problem.

Without using search engine optimisation services provided by an SEO agency, it is unlikely that a site will rank on page 1. While it is possible to used paid advertising or social media marketing, SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing service.

Are SEO services worth it?

Search engine optimisation services are probably the most cost-effective way to get noticed in the search engine results on Google and Bing.

SEO improves the visibility of your website online without the need for paid advertising (pay-per-click ads) or traditional media campaigns.

Search Click Digital, a local SEO and digital marketing firm, provides clients with budget-friendly and successful SEO services in Newcastle upon Tyne that provide a proven return on investment.

Affordable SEO Packages

Serach Click Digital do not offer standardised solutions for all sites. Our team design and implement custom marketing campaigns for every client.

We offer numerous SEO solutions at various prices, monthly recurring and one-time purchases. Our experts are extremely helpful and work closely to ensure we meet our clients aims and provide a personal service.

Regardless of the nature of the search engine optimization you need, we can help. Get in touch, and our team will respond to your queries.

We provide high-quality online search engine optimization services and keep our clients happy by improving their visibility in the search results.

Why not contact us today?

We would be more than happy to provide you with an SEO audit and a tailored SEO strategy for your website. Search Click Digital can boost your rankings and improve your site performance. Get in touch today!

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SEO services in Newcastle improve search rankings and boost visitor traffic

Multiple online factors are analysed by the search engine algorithms and the results determine how sites are ranked.  

On page optimisation and technical seo encompass the adjustments performed on the website and individual web pages to improve their rankings in the search engines. 

While the on-page seo optimises the content on the individual site pages, technical SEO tweaks the Html code, changes to the website structure, and site loading speed.

Here at Search Click Digital, we understand what is needed to rank a site.

Before proceeding with any updates or promotional campaigns, an SEO audit of the website is required to determine what steps are needed to improve the ranking potential.

On-Page SEO and Website Optimisation Services can increase visibility and boost customer conversions

Keywords play a crucial role in search optimisation. Including them in the webpage addresses (URLs), page titles, page headings, and within the body of the content helps the search engines know what a site is about and what to rank the site for in the search engine results pages.

On-page optimisation essentially sculpts the site content to ensure it ranks for the commercial search terms associated with the business that online searchers type in the search engines.

Once a web page ranks in the search engines, the focus should turn to the end user’s needs. People search for solutions and purchases. On-page optimisation tweaks by our SEO Newcastle agency can improve the conversion rate optimisation and boost the return on investment.

Site visitors need to easilyi find what they want and complete their online transaction with minimum distraction.

Each page must include a clear call to action, either a highly visible clickable link to another page or a button to buy something. Removing as many obstacles as possible, will ensure the visitors are more likely to take an action or purchase a product or service.

All visitors should be able to see business details comprising company name, address, phone number and email when they view pages on the site.

Clickable links for contact email addresses and phone numbers need to be prominently displayed to allow customers to make contact easily. 

Use content marketing to increase trust and brand exposure

Google likes fresh content. Aim to post regularly for your visitors. Focus on creating captivating and informative content for consumers.

Content is king, so providing well written, keyword optimised and informative content on a regular basis that matches the search intent of people searching online will guarantee a boost in rankings.

Technical SEO can improve website rankings and site performance

Technical SEO encompasses numerous tweaks that SEO specialists and web developers do behind the scenes to help websites rank higher.
Website improvements revolve around Html code updates, such as schema insertion and correcting coding errors, improvements to the site navigation, site maps, internal page links, mobile responsiveness and page loading times.

Improving the web page loading times

Nobody likes a slow loading website and one of Google’s key ranking factors is webpage loading speeds. The speed can be improved in a number of ways including; superior hosting, the use of content delivery networks (CDNs), compression of Html code and images.

Mobile-friendly sites

Considering most searches are undertaken on smartphones, Google now requires websites to be mobile responsive. Making a website mobile-friendly will improve site rankings.

Better website structure

The architecture of a website is another important factor worth consideration for potential improvements in the search rankings. The search engine crawlers use site maps and the navigation menus on sites to find content worthy of indexing. Submitting both Html and XML sitemaps helps the crawlers to navigate through websites, discover new content, and rank relevant pages for specific keyword phrases. The robots.txt file can also be used to create pathways for the search crawlers, or Google bots, and inform them how to crawl and index a website.

Improving the Html coding

A website use Html code (HyperText MarkUp Language) which allows browsers to talk to the server hosting the site via HTTPS (the HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) and display the web pages on smartphones and laptops. Ensuring Html code on a website is error free and compliant with the current requirements of the search engines will provide a boost to rankings. Compressing Html and JavaScript code often leads faster page load speeds. Inserting specific Html schemas enables the search engines spiders to better understand and rank sites.

Improving website security with HTTPS

Since 2020, Google gives preferential ranking to sites that provide secure encrypted communication using the HTTPS protocol. Sites that use HTTP are likely to rank lower.

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