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How We Can Help You?

Here at Search Click Digital we build compelling campaigns to increase your search engine traffic, improve your rankings, and generate more customers online. Contact us for advice.

Increasing rankings on Google with SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, video, and maps

Digital marketing services for your business online :

Content Marketing

If your website is not ranked on page one of Google you are probably losing business. Our content marketing campaigns focus Attraction, Engagment and Conversions. for long term success.

SEO services

SEO Services

Is a site is not page 1 of Google or Bing, it is effectively invisible to new potential customers searching for solutions online. SEO can improve your rankings, increase your organic search traffic, and generate more customers.

Social media

Communicating with your customers on social media helps you build stronger customer relationships, brand awareness and trust. Are you socially engaged?

Website Design

A well-designed and eye-catching website can transform a business online. We create fully optimised responsive websites for mobile and laptop browsing.

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Web Development

Technical SEO enhancements to improve the performance of websites. Our services include content updates, Html coding changes, Html schemas insertion, boosting page loading speeds and improving user experience.

PPC Advertising

We offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising services across a range of platforms, including Google and Facebook. Our marketing campaigns aim for cost effective solutions with a successful return on investment.

Google My Business

Google My Business (GMB) profiles are essential marketing tools for local companies.
We can help you get your profile visible on page 1 of Google.

Maps optimisation

67% of people use Google Maps to get directions to local businesses. Are your maps listings optimised for Google, Apple and Bing?
We can point you in the right direction.

Reputation Management

Reputation matters for companies online. Bad reviews or negative sentiment can destroy an online business overnight.
Are you looking for reputable advice?

Video Marketing

We offer cost-effective video production and marketing solutions. We can create explainer or promotional videos for specific marketing campaigns or promotions.

The benefits of digital marketing services

Search Click Digital are a digital marketing agency based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

We are able to improve online visibility, increase brand awareness and boost conversions of businesses, using  variety of services and techniques.

Digital marketing services are cheaper and more cost effective than traditional marketing methods. The other main benefits include;

Effective targetting of potential customers using SEO, PPC and social media. Increased engagement and brand awareness.

The analysis of ongoing results to facilitate the update of marketing campaigns that are not performing as expected. 

Optimisation provides the ability to control the sources and volume of traffic.

Multiple marketing solutions are possible using SEO, paid ads, video, social media, email marketing, and local search (GMB).

Our pricing options range from one-off purchases to monthly recurring packages. Contact us for further information.

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