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“Don’t Build Links. Build Relationships.” Rand Fishkin

Successful SEO is not about tricking Google with short term tactics. Partner with Google to provide the best search results for users and achieve longer term success.

WEbsite optimization techniques to improve rankings and visibility

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“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” 
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Search engine optimisation services explained

When you look for information, or answers, online you usually type a phrase into a search box on sites like Google, Bing or Yahoo. These are known as search engines, which magically return a list of results to a query. The list provided starts with the webpages on page 1 that could potentially best answer your question.

The sites that appear on page one of the rankings are not there by accident.

Multiple online factors  are analysed by the search engine algorithms and the results determine how sites are ranked. Optimisation encompasses the technical tweaks and adjustments performed on websites and their web pages to improve their rankings in the search engines. Here at Search Click Digital, we understand how what is needed to rank a site.

If correctly done the authority of a site will improve, the search engines and visitors will trust the site more, and ultimately the web pages will appear higher in the rankings.

Simplistically a website should be structured like a book by a prominent author, with well-written informative content tailored to the desired audience. Similar to a book that has chapters and an index, a website should provide a menu for navigation and enjoyable user experience. 

Over 3 billion searches are made every day on Google, over half of which comes from mobile devices, and of those mobile searches around half are looking for local businesses. So it is becoming essential to ensure your website ranks highly in the search engines.

Somebody could own the most fantastic website name, ideal for a particular niche, and never rank or make any sales.

So how can you influence the rankings of the site? The three main ranking factors are website optimisation, promotion and site traffic. 

SEO services can help your company grow

In 2020, more and more businesses are competing to establish a strong presence online and attract their ideal targeted customer base. Professional SEO consultants specialise in ranking websites.

Around 50% of all searches are for local companies. So a business that ranks on page 1 will generate more sales. Search Click Digital can provide highly targetted local marketing to drive a business forward.

What are the benefits of search engine optimisation?

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You want to provide Google and Bing with the right ranking factors, so they place your site on page one, ideally in the top 5 spots. If you are not doing SEO, this will not happen.

  1. Provide a fantastic User Experience by giving the user a friendly, fast-loading, well-presented content, simple navigation and prominent call-to-action icons. Search engines want to provide users with solutions to their search queries. A happy visitor will become a returning visitor. The goal of Google is to provide the best answers to searches queries requested by users.
  2. Optimum Reach in the listings for multiple keyword searches. Building and maintaining the authority and credibility of a brand online to boost rankings and gain more exposure. The more search terms you rank for on page 1, the more people will come to the site for business information and orders. 
  3. Potential for increasing conversions. If your website ranks in the first five spots, visitor counts should increase. Better rankings should lead to more sales, either directly from the site or indirectly from your business premises. Half the battle is getting them to your site. By optimising your web pages for customer sales, you should increase your revenue and customer base.
  4. Increased exposure for your brand. People unconsciously trust search engine results. So even if someone searching online today does not get in touch, they may still come back to purchase on another day or pop in next time they are in the area. And the more times you appear prominently in the search results, the more traffic you will get.
  5. SEO gives you the ability to affect your online reputation and brand management.

Digital marketing solutions for Newcastle upon Tyne

Improve page load times

Google search engine ranking factors explained

Nowadays, Google is the dominant search engine, catering for over 87% of searches, while Bing handles around 10%. With this in mind, SEOs tend to focus on the big G. Google has over 200 factors that can effect the rankings of a website. Action them all, and you will probably rank well. 

A professional SEO will focus on the most critical factors that will ensure your site ranks.

The important components that influence rankings on Google include;

  • Page speed (fast loading sites for desktop and mobile devices)
  • A secure site using HTTPS encryption
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • The website name, age and authority
  • Optimised content
  • Good on-site user experience
  • Quality backlinks
  • Valid business information (including name, address and phone number)
  • Social signals
Analytics and testing

Google’s rankings factors focus on four primary areas; on-page optimisation, technical SEO, off-page optimisation and traffic. Get these right, and your site will rank.

Ever got bored of waiting for a site to load? Yeah, we’ve all done it, you lose patience and look elsewhere. So if your site loads slowly it will hurt your rankings. Optimising page speed is crucial to succeed as it became an important ranking factor for sites in July 2018. Ideally, you should try to ensure your web pages loads in 1 or 2 seconds.

Where possible, including relevant keywords in the domain name, page names (URLs), page titles and section headings (H tags) can send signals to Google telling the search engine robots about the purpose of the content on the pages. Try not to go overboard as excessive use may result in ranking penalties.

Creating well-designed visually appealing sites with good content, great navigation, and formats that load well on both laptops and mobile devices will keep visitors coming. More traffic and increased time on web pages mean higher rankings. 

While the use of social media is not essential to rank a website, social networks are useful for promoting brand awareness, broadcasting messages and generating additional sources of traffic.

Web page optimisation for greater site visibility and customer conversions

On-page adjustments primarily comprise changes to the content and Html coding of a site’s web pages. The content includes text, images and videos. 

Before proceeding, a professional SEO marketing consultant would undertake to analyse the site to determine what steps needed to improve the ranking potential. 

When you are looking at how to rank higher on Google, one of the most important factors to consider is the content of your website.

Sculpting your content to ensure it ranks for search terms associated with your business or niche is of paramount importance. These terms are known as keywords or keyword phrases in the SEO industry.

Content marketing strategies can attract new website visitors and retain existing customers

Keyword research and optimising content to rank web pages effectively

Keywords play a crucial role in search optimisation. Including them in the body of the content, page titles, and webpage addresses (URLs) helps Google and Bing know what your site is about and what keywords to rank it for in the search engine listings. Research is essential to get this right.

Optionally the target keyword phrases can also be incorporated into a section known as the meta description. The meta is the snippet of words that appears just below the website name (URL) for each site that appears in the rankings for a search.

Website optimisation techniques

Inter-linking your pages together can also boost the relevance of web pages on your site when done correctly using contextual keywords links.

Once all the text is optimised, additional benefits may occur when images and videos are modified. Do you think a keyword orientated name and description would make more sense than titles such as image one or a video about pizza or curry on an Indian food website?

Optimising on-page content can improve rankings

Mastering content optimisation will ensure greater visibility in the search engines. Ensuring that the content is original and focussed around specific topics will help Google and Bing know what the rank the website for when people are searching online.

On-page optimisation begins with the end-user in mind. People buy your products and services, not search engines. We want site visitors to enter your site, so they find what they want, and ideally purchase something.

A well-structured site which is appealing to the eye, has easy navigation, informative content and loads quickly will always ensure appeal to visitors. An optimised website should equate to more traffic and potentially more revenue.

Increasing customer conversions for a better ROI

Once on a site, visitors need to be provided with clear calls to action. Provide highly visible links where customers need to make decisions, whether it be a link to another page or a button to buy something. Remove as many obstacles as possible, so visitors are more likely to make contact or purchase something.

Including business contact information

Business details comprising company name, address, phone number and email details should be visible on the site.

Clickable links for contact email addresses and phone numbers need to be prominently displayed to allow customers to make contact easily. 

Use content marketing to increase brand exposure, boost rankings, traffic and conversions

Google likes fresh content, so aim to post regularly for your visitors. Content can include well-written informative articles, videos or even infographics. Just remember to focus on creating content for consumers rather than trying to keyword stuff articles to try and trick the search engines as this will probably backfire in the long run.


Technical SEO improves website rankings

Technical SEO encompasses numerous tweaks that SEO specialists and web designers do behind the scenes to help websites rank higher. These include speed enhancements, ensuring sites are mobile responsive, and the Html coding is compliant with the requirements of the search engines.

Click on the blue and green highlighted links below to reveal more informaton.

People love fast loading sites. Nowadays, nearly half of the people online expect sites to load in under 2 seconds. And if a site has not loaded in 4-5 seconds, most visitors will look elsewhere and never return. 

Speed enhancements occur when hosting websites on better quality servers that can handle more bandwidth, and connecting web pages to content delivery networks.

Removing redundant Html code and compressing the remaining code, so it runs more efficiently, can also improve page load times.

In 2020, sites need to provide encrypted communication. The HTTPS protocol provides such encryption. Sites that use HTTP are likely to rank lower on Google. On the plus side, consumers prefer to shop on safe websites, the ones with padlocks displayed next to the https website address in the search box located immediately above the web page.

Google loves mobile-friendly sites that load fast. Mobile responsive websites reformat how the web pages appear on mobile devices and provide a better user experience.

If your site is not mobile-friendly, Google penalties may apply and your rankings will drop. For example, eBay lost 80% of their web page rankings virtually overnight by not addressing this technical issue fast enough. 

More emphasis is given to mobile devices because most people use smartphones. Fortunately, Google provides clear guidance for the design of web pages for mobile users. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

A website is the backbone of your digital presence online, so to stand out from the competition, you cannot ignore site optimisations. In the era of mobile dominance in the daily searches to out-optimise your competitors, you need to ensure you have fast-loading and mobile-friendly responsive site. 

Websites use the HyperText MarkUp Language, or HTML for short. Html allows web browsers, such as Chrome or Firefox, to communicate with web servers using the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and display your web pages on devices.

Web designers typically create sites that incorporate content management systems which detail the visual structure of content on pages. Sometimes as the site evolves and ages, some the coding can become redundant, and other parts need to updated to be compliant with current standards. Regular maintenance should resolve this issue.

Compression of some of the embedded Html or javascript code can often provide improvements to page-loading times. 

More recently, SEO specialists now understand the importance of incorporating Html schemas into the website Html coding. These schemas provide additional information to the search engines spiders, or computer algorithms, that explain what the site is about and how to display it in the rankings.

Sites that appear higher up in the search results will get more traffic to their pages, and potentially more business. Your goal is to get to page one and ideally in the top five.

So if your web page content is optimised to rank, why stop there, it’s time to start promoting your site.

Just be realistic. In 2020, it’s highly unlikely you will rank nationally or globally in competitive markets, such as generic niches like exercise, travel, health or investment unless you have a massive big marketing budget and patience.

SEO will succeed if you target a specific niche in a bigger market or services in a local market.

Link building campaigns

Backlinking and promotion strategies

Content marketing

Link building campaign tips and strategies

Backlinks are one of the oldest SEO ranking factors. A backlink is a text link on another website that leads to your site. They still matter today but should be done in conjunction with on-page optimization techniques.

Concentrate on natural backlinking activities, such as citations (links from business directories), guest posts on other sites, press releases, interaction on forums, like-minded communities, social media networks and influencer marketing. 

Backlinks ideally need to come from sites within the same niche; usually, you would not get a backlink from a dog-walking site for a lawyer’s web page. Such links look unnatural, especially when done on mass.

Link building campaigns are one of the three most important cornerstones of any SEO strategy. Do it wrong, and your site may get penalised by Google. Do it the right way and you a never-ending stream of organic traffic.

Website analytics - monitor rankings, visitors & conversions

By this point, your website should be ranking well with an optimised and well-designed site which is receiving an increase in traffic.

Monitoring the rankings of web page for the targetted keywords over time as the website and search engine optimization processes and strategies are actioned and deployed will determine how well SEO works for you.

Many online software applications (SAAS tools) used digital marketing agencies, and SEO consultants have can to track the web page rankings and site visitors for all your chosen search terms on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

SEO specialists use this data to improve rankings, increase the time spent on site and boost customer conversions. If you are looking for advice, feel free to chat with us anytime.